"The rocky cirque of Creux du Van is so many things: a botanical paradise in almost every season, a fascinating site with breathtaking views, a mountain wildlife reserve and a focal point of telluric energy. The circular cliff drops from its 150 m peak down a scree slope, with layers of chalk and brave or solitary trees clinging to the crevices.To walk around the cirque, there’s a path along the edge bordered by a dry stone wall. Sometimes, the path comes within a metre of the precipice. On the last third of the cirque, the view of the cliffs is more complete and more impressive, and this is also where you can come across the famous ibex. This time, we didn’t see them: we’ll be back."

You can head to the Swiss Grand Canyon from Noiraigue in Val-de-Travers, with access by car or train. More information here.